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bamcam download

bamcam gps video telemetry

video gps telemetry program for the mac. some video examples on my youtube channel

quick howto video below


opening a movie and garmin tcx/fit file

command + o // open movie
command + shift + o // open .tcx/.fit

player options

space // toggle play
left arrow // rwd 5 secs
right arrow // fwd 5 secs

telemetry display

h // to display telemetry hud
// on HUD: checkboxes toggle display i.e. "[x] Speed:" displays speed
// on HUD: x,y label/value positions telemetry in pixels (0,0 is at bottom left)

syncing gps and movie times

g // to display gps hud

// on HUD: select "GPS Sync" checkbox to display interactive elevation profile
mouse click/drag // scrub to position in movie
s + mouse click/drag // shift gps offset - this is what aligns on screen view with gps time

editing movie

i // set in marker, deletes video before marker
o // set out marker, deletes video after marker

exporting movie

v // to display export hud
command + e // export using custom quicktime settings
command + shift + e // export using HQ youtube optimized atom (720p, 44.1, 14Kb, singlepass, faststart, no frame reorder)

*if you find this program helpful consider donating to the American Cancer Society. you can also feel free to send me a new contour, or gopro.. you know, for testing..

questions? use the contact form.